Welcome to Manns Harbor Purple Martin Roost

Volunteer at the Roost

CCPMS will be hiring an intern for the 2008 roost season in order to monitor mortality of purple martins at the roost and determine the effectiveness of speed-reduction signs and lights. This information will be used to make future recommendations for management action at the bridge. We will also be studying human interaction at the roost and other factors affecting roosting behavior. We are looking for a local individual or dedicated college student who can work during July and August of 2008 to study the birds, monitor mortality, and assist in our ongoing educational public awareness campaign. Must be willing to flexibly, early morning and evening hours (most day hours off), including Saturday and Sundays. Total hours per week will be approximately 25-30. A reliable personal vehicle is required. Work-related gas mileage and stipend will be provided. Please email us for further information if you are interested in applying for this position.