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Dear Purple Martin Fan!

The dual mission of Coastal Carolina Purple Martin Society (CCPMS)  is to protect the annual roost of purple martins at the “Old Manns Harbor Bridge” in Manns Harbor, NC.  We invite you to join us.

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Martin "landlords" throughout the coastal plain of North Carolina happily welcome their birds back year after year for each prosperous nesting season. After all young have fledged from the houses provided by these caring individuals, martins from Ocracoke to Beaufort, Williamston to Elizabeth City will gather at Old Manns Harbor Bridge during the summer months before making their 2,500-mile flight back to their wintering grounds in Brazil.

Over the past several years we conducted research into martin mortality at the bridge during their roosting time of June to September. We conservatively estimate that 3,000 martins were killed here in 2004 and 1,750 in 2005. Martins have been faithfully roosting here for the past 30 years; extrapolated over time, the sheer number of birds killed at this bridge is staggering. As a newly formed Society, our dual mission is to advocate for protection of both martins and motorists at the roost and to promote through public education the conservation of these migratory birds throughout the coastal plain of North Carolina. 

We have had great success as a fledgling organization, including working with Dare County Commissioners and Sheriff's Office, Senator Marc Basnight, NC Department of Transportation, and NC State Highway Patrol to install and implement speed zone reduction signs and flashing lights on the bridge to protect the birds. We are also working diligently to install on-site informational signage for the visiting public, and educational presentations for wildlife enthusiasts. Click here for more information on our educational programs (link to education page). 

Please help us help the martins! Consider joining with a personal membership or give a gift membership to introduce your friends to this wonderful spectacle of nature that we are so fortunate to have in Dare County!  

We appreciate your support! 

For the birds,

Board Members of the Coastal Carolina Purple Martin Society




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